Sunday, February 19, 2006

Just testing something

Another testing majig

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Weird habbit meme tag..

So I've been tagged.. That's new to me..
For those unaware of what this tagging business is:
It goes around blogs. Basically, once you get tagged (because it WILL happen to you eventually), you have to list 5(five) weird habbits. The good news is that you get to tag 5(five) more people, too :þ
Anyway, let's get listing!

  1. I live in an esoteric filing system, kinda. Meaning that, even though my room is/can be a horrible mess, I'm still very able to locate pretty much anything.
  2. I tend to start cleaning my room when I'm supposed to be revising. Not generally a good thing. It does, however, make my room all nice and clean again :þ
  3. Not eat. This one applies especially when I'm either left home alone for a day or more, though I skip lunch an aweful lot (about half the time, at least). Bad habbit, I know.
  4. Growling at people. Yeah, I tend to growl at people that are in my way or annoy me with whatever it is they do. Usually goes unnoticed (I think), except for the people who happen to be with me.
  5. I sometimes don't get out of my PJ's all day when I have a day off, holidays or something like it. Even if I feel I probably should.

If being frequent subject of poking actions by friends would count as a habbit, it'd be in there.

Soooo.. that's my 5 weird habbits, got pretty hard, after number 3, as your own habbits usually go unnoticed, I guess.
Ah well.
Tag time! Gonna be hard, though.. don't think I know 5 people that keep blogs and haven't been tagged yet.. Let's see where I get stuck.

Timo (dutch)
More to come... I hope...

Monday, October 17, 2005

The emo theory - expanded

The following part was my reaction on an article that my friend Rachael posted in this article.
As it is litterally quoted, you might want to read that first for it to make sense.
So I'm too lazy to edit it into a more decent article, sue me :þ

"Hehe this is a good one

I have another definition of Emo's for ya:
"Emo's are people that slap themselves until they cry and write a song about it."

This appears to be painfully true, too..

And yeah, they think screaming makes their music heavy and hardcore (funny, in Holland, hardcore is something completely different...)

Online, emo's are quite easy to recognise:
-They put x's infront of and behind their names, or inbetween words (x_sadHellKittie_x, sadXloserXkid)
-Dark and unclear display pics with photo's of themselves, looking sad at weird angles
-They tend to pretend being vampires and such

Emo's are also the people that give goths a bad name, as many people outside either group or similar can't tell the difference.
Goths aren't usually cutters, that's the emo's, nor are goths sad and depressed all the time, that too is more an emo trait.

Emo's annoy me incredibly with their "Look at me, I'm so sad, I need attention, but don't actually come near me because I want to be sad and lonely so I can keep this attitude up" attitude.

They're creeps. Maybe we could get them all to move to Siberia where they can be as sad and lonely as they want and not bother anyone with it but eachother?

Whoa, big rant.."

Edit: Fixed the links, as apparently, their reference adress changed >_<>

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


So I didn't get around writing a new chapter. Sue me. It's been really hot, which caused me lack of inspiration and excess of transpiration. I've heard it's been 35°C, locally I believe it even hit 40 O_o Nuts, isn't it? Anyway...
I guess I'll try to do it by next week, if I don't find myself preoccupied too much.

On other news: I bought small speakers for my mp3-discman thing, oh the looks we got from the people in town... Mission: successful. Though I think I'll play more acceptable music next time I go around doing that, instead of some random special edition CD I just bought. Such fun me and my friend have :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Chapter 1

Yeah, it's not got an official title yet, but that'll come at some point.
Anyway, this is the first chapter, which I wrote some time ago and I'm now planning to continue. I'll be keeping the chapters short so they can be logged here with greater ease.
C&C is welcome.

The rain streamed down. The dark silhouettes of the tall industrial buildings stood ominously against the dark grey skies. The last of the workers were returning home. At night, the machines would continue the work, although at a slower rate.
The rain was good as it cleared the sky from the ash and soot produced by the ongoing war and heavy industry.
On one of the roofs stood a dark figure. Lightning flashed. The figure spasmed and fell over. He was never heard of again.
Lightning flashed again.
Ball-lightning hovered a few feet above the ground, quietly buzzing.
The workers just moved around it. Slowly, the ball started to take shape. Thin legs grew from its core, which began to look like a beetles carapace. The beetle-like spirit creature rapidly crawled across the wall, disappearing into an alley. From there, it crawled onto the roof, where it spread its wings and took off towards the dark contours that made the city.

The workers just got on their trains, when suddenly the noise of the sirens filled the air. People started running for cover or just ducked and hoped for the best.
Twenty seconds later, the dud missile raced across the sky. Once it had passed, the people quickly got up to see where it would land. It crashed into apartment 344 on the 34th floor of a large skyscraper.
Nothing happened.
Ten seconds later, nothing continued to happen.
Another thirty seconds passed until nothing happened.
In apartment 344 on the 34th floor, Nicolas was sitting in a corner of his room, eyes and mouth wide open. The missile was lying in the middle of the room, shattered glass and woodwork around it, a little smoke spiralled from the engine exhaust. It hadn’t gone off.
Outside, the beetle-like spirit sat on the roof, just a few floors up. Moments later, it dispersed into the air, fading away to a state of semi-existence.

In apartment 344 on the 34th floor, the door was knocked down as Civil Service Personnel came in to quickly carry out the missile and paramedics checked for survivors, finding the shocked but still breathing Nicolas. They carried him onto a stretcher and brought him down to the hospital for check-ups while his apartment would be cleaned and the windows repaired.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Things I learned

Trial and error
Things I learned over the past few days

Well, as the title suggests, there's a few things I learned lately.
In example, found that the paint on pencils is highly flammable! Who would've thought a pencil'd catch fire and burn quite viciously this quick? All I did was hold a lighter to it (don't ask) for about a second and it just caught fire! Freaky...
As a consequence, I also found it really sucks to use a pencil that's covered in burnt paint. Anyway...
Something that's actually useful that I found out is that you can protect your pencil drawings (This by the way is how I found out the suckage of using a burnt pencil soon after the burning) from (accidental as well as normal) erasing really easily by going over them with candle wax. This I found out by having forgotten that I dipped my eraser in the wax when I was bored the night before, so I tried to erase a line... Nothing... I try again, again nothing. That's when I realized it was still coated in wax. Just my luck. So, I take off the wax, try again and again, nothing! I try in on another line; works, nothing wrong with the eraser. So... Damn. That sucked.

Another thing I learned lately is that doing the absolute minimum amount of work isn't always enough to pass school.
Again: Suckage. Oh well, worse things have happened, worse things will happen. Probably.

There's got to be more I 'trial and error'-ed, but my memory, as bad as it is, refuses to recall more of it.
I might update this later.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The secret behind flying

The secret unraveled?

Who knows.

According to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams (may he rest in peace), the secret of flying is this:
Falling, whether it is from an airplane or simply tripping over a rock, and missing the ground.
"But how is this possible?" you ask, well, the trick is making sure to get distracted just before you hit the ground. This can happen through a multitude of events, i.e. a long lost item suddenly being spotted from he corner of ones eye.
If this is done correctly, one will find himself bobbing a few feet above the ground, however, at the moment one is to take note of this, he will simply fall back to the ground.

Now, to me the secret to continue doing something (this could be anything, though do note that it's not recommended for certain activities, such as driving), is by not realizing doing it.
I suspect flight can be maintained through this principle. The tricky thing about it is that it needs a certain level of awareness, yet without realizing it's actually happening.
A sort of a "IF I were flying, I'd like to fly this way" state of mind, I suppose.
I wonder if it's worth the potential injuries to try...

(NOTE: I do not take any kind of responsibility for any kind of injury, loss of locomotion or casualty as a result to people making an attempt at any of this.)